Lighting the path for others to follow…

Lighting is a critical part of our everyday lives as it has a profound effect on our mood, cognitive performance, our motivation to work harder, shop longer or simply rest more. Lighting can also be used to draw focus, highlight architectural detail or bring merchandise to life, maximizing the intended purpose and spatial appeal. For industrial applications, lighting is directly related to orientation, alertness, safety and productivity, and when designed correctly, can minimize costs and it’s environmental footprint. While lighting can account for up to 50% of a building’s energy consumption, the more serious hidden expense will be realized in maintaining and managing inoperative LED lighting. 

Optecha (op-tek-a) is a devoted lighting solution-centric firm that specializes in LED lighting, controls, design, procurement and complete post-installation management of the lighting system. Our philosophy is to engage during the early stages of planning to ensure we deliver the best lighting solution. Our specialty is to develop the “design intent” that combines a balance of engineering, performance, aesthetics, cost management and environmental and wildlife mitigation. The beneficiaries are the business owners, operators, customers and neighboring properties. We have provided solutions for projects totaling over 30 billion dollars and delivered millions in capital and operating savings.

Delivered Results

reduce capital costReduce Capital & Operating Costs

reduce energyReduce Energy

increase productivityIncrease Productivity

enhance colorsEnhance Colors

EnvironmentReduce Environmental Impact

safetyImprove Safety

Innovative Solutions

New Construction

new construction

New construction opportunities allow for the most flexibility. This is the optimum time to design a lighting system that delivers predicable and repeatable performance, aesthetics, compliance and long life – all at the lowest capital and operating cost.

Lighting Upgrades & Retrofits


Retrofitting existing facilities can be one of the most challenging tasks. With limited access, current operations taking place, existing electrical infrastructure and limited budgets can narrow the potential to achieve rapid payback.

Corporate Programs


Extensive research and due diligence to find the right partner in lighting and management solutions cost precious time and money. So why reinvent the wheel? The obvious choice is to partner with a firm that understands the corporate needs while specializing in all aspects of lighting, design, commissioning and post install warranty management.

Wildlife & Environmental


We are aware of the impact we are making on the world, weather patterns, environment and wildlife. The achievement of even the smallest positive change to improve will have a dramatic aggregate effect allowing global self-healing to occur.

Safety & Productivity


Safety is paramount while our productivity must remain at optimum levels to compete globally. Most slips, trips and falls are related to housekeeping and poor visual conditions that are rooted to poor quality lighting.

Lux-Smith Lighting Design

Lighting and controls are synergistic and must be designed as such. Understanding technology with purpose uniquely for each application will deliver the right solution.


Oil, Gas, Mining

Optecha has the most global experience in advanced lighting design for the oil, gas and mining industry that focuses on optimization for improved performance and cost reduction.


industrial lighting

Your lighting needs to be functional to create a safe working environment. Maintenance and accessibility needs to be quick, easy and low cost.



Optecha helps to define the design intent and delivers a symmetry of art, science and business sense to optimize spatial appeal, performance and cost management.



Retail is a competitive market where customer draw, brand loyalty and retention are crucial for continued success.

Automotive Retail

car dealership

Optecha can enhance the experience from the comfort of the customer lounge to the hype in the showroom, maximizing the potential for sales while reducing energy and maintenance costs.



Learning facilities require careful balance to create an environment that promotes a heightened sense to learn yet comfortable for long durations of class and lab work.



Sports lighting demands the best in performance. Whether the class of play is professional or recreational, horizontal and vertical lighting with perfect uniformity are critical for any athlete.


When driving, split second decisions have to be made. Night time driving needs to be enhanced using artificial lighting that is comfortable and glare-free for any condition.

Hospitality and Resorts


Lighting accentuates architecture and decor maximizing your guest experience by creating a space that is relaxing or exciting, setting the mood for memorable getaways.

Architects and Designers


Leverage Optecha’s production design experience to ensure lighting is optimized, performed quickly, accurately and at the lowest cost.

Agents and Manufacturers

agents manufacturers

Optimized lighting application design determines your win or loss for any opportunity.