Lighting Upgrades & Retrofits


Retrofitting existing facilities can be one of the most challenging tasks. With limited access, current operations taking place, existing electrical infrastructure and limited budgets can narrow the potential to achieve rapid payback. Only Optecha can offer a comprehensive lighting solution specific to retrofit applications complete with a post installation warranty management program. Optecha’s LUX-SMITH designs are highly predictive and will ensure that light levels, contrast and color temperatures are consistent with the intended ambiance. Detailed simulation ensures the exact wattage and optics are used to deliver the best performance at the lowest cost.

  • no element of your lighting solution is left to guess work
  • practical designs that makes sense
  • extend the life of your lighting system reducing maintenance and energy by 40-70%
  • leverage proven lighting and controls technology specific for retrofit applications
  • comply with LEED, Ashrae and local energy codes to ensure that all available rebates are realized
  • offer design, installation, commissioning and post installation warranty management of the lighting system
  • lighting control solutions for scheduling, load shedding, occupancy and daylight harvesting
  • deliver the quickest payback on capital and lowest operating cost
  • financing and lease programs are available to preserve working capital and cash flow
  • clients can focus on their business and feel assured that lighting is correct, functional, safe and worry-free

Delivered Results

reduce capital costReduce Capital & Operating Costs

reduce energyReduce Energy

enhance colorsEnhance Colors

EnvironmentReduce Environmental Impact

SafetyImprove Safety

increase productivityIncrease Productivity