Wildlife & Environmental


We are aware of the impact we are making on the world, weather patterns, environment and wildlife. The achievement of even the smallest positive change to improve will have a dramatic aggregate effect allowing global self-healing to occur. Energy used for lighting is directly related to increasing carbon emissions and a single fluorescent or HID lamp has enough mercury to contaminate thousands of gallons of freshwater. Optecha is dedicated to minimize your carbon foot print and eliminate mercury and hazardous waste from entering our landfills and water ways. Optecha’s LUX-SMITH designs mitigate the effects on wildlife by utilizing superior optics to ensure lighting is contained, preserving natural habitats and dark skies at night.

See how we can work together for a cleaner, better tomorrow.

  • designs use RoHS compliant products to ensure hazardous materials are never used
  • LUX-SMITH designs fully respect environmental and wildlife sensitivities
  • conduct lighting environmental and wildlife mitigation studies
  • custom solar lighting solutions for temporary and permanent lighting installations
  • wireless controls ensure lighting is easily managed and energized when needed
  • time-of-day dimming and scheduling strategies work together with operations, wildlife and neighboring properties

Delivered Results

EnvironmentReduce Environmental Impact

SafetyImprove Safety

reduce energyReduce Energy

reduce capital costReduce Capital & Operating Costs

enhance colorsEnhance Colors

increase productivityIncrease Productivity