Learning facilities require careful balance to create an environment that promotes a heightened sense to learn yet comfortable for long durations of class and lab work. Optecha can deliver the solution that works for detailed tasks like handwriting to computer interfacing. Lighting should be controllable for fine tune comfort and to maximize on energy savings. Artificial lighting should automatically turn on and off with occupancy and dim automatically when natural daylight is available. Lighting should be simple, reliable and cost effective.

  • create comfortable environments with uniform glare-free lighting
  • leverage lighting controls for occupancy and daylight harvesting results in longer life and reduced energy
  • exterior lighting that is contained to the property line and never into nearby homes or directly entering the skies
  • extend the life of your lighting system reducing maintenance and energy by 40-70%
  • new construction and retrofit
  • comply with LEED, Ashrae and local energy codes
  • integrate with other disciplines such as architects, lighting designers, electrical consultants, etc.
  • multi-location program delivers consistency in performance and cost
  • Optecha can manage design, procurement, installation and post-installation warranty management of the lighting system
  • clients can focus on their business and feel assured that lighting is correct, functional, safe and worry-free

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Delivered Results

increase productivityIncrease Productivity

SafetyImprove Safety

enhance colorsEnhance Colors

Reduce Capital & Operating Costs

Reduce Energy

EnvironmentReduce Environmental Impact