Your lighting needs to be functional to create a safe working environment. Maintenance and accessibility needs to be quick, easy and low cost. Optecha understands the industrial world and the role lighting has to create the safest workplace while keeping employees motivated and highly productive. Our solutions aim to keep capital and operating cost low while maximizing performance to keep productivity going with minimal downtime.

  • devoted lighting professionals with decades of lighting experience
  • LUX-SMITH designs meet light level and uniformity requirements based on industry safety standards
  • glare is minimized using superior cut-off optics providing visual comfort for operators and neighbors
  • luminaires selected are designed for minimal maintenance to avoid high risk aerial tasks
  • consideration for safe future access for maintenance
  • CRI and color temperature are designed to improve alertness and safety
  • LUX-SMITH designs fully respect environmental and wildlife sensitivities
  • conduct lighting environmental and wildlife mitigation studies
  • designs use RoHS compliant products to ensure that hazardous materials are never used
  • practical designs that makes sense
  • extend the life of your lighting system reducing maintenance and energy by 40-70%
  • Optecha can manage design, procurement, installation and post-installation warranty management of the lighting system
  • Optecha has designed for over 30 billion dollars of construction projects


Delivered Results

SafetyImprove Safety

increase productivityIncrease Productivity

EnvironmentReduce Environmental Impact

Reduce Capital & Operating Costs

Reduce Energy

enhance colorsEnhance Colors