When driving, split second decisions have to be made. Night time driving needs to be enhanced using artificial lighting that is comfortable and glare-free for any condition. Lighting the roads and not inside homes is a design challenge that demands the best in lamp technology and optics. Only experienced lighting solution providers can meet the strict guidelines for illuminance, luminance, veiling luminance and uniformity. Optecha helps you to avoid the trap of poor performing luminaires that claim to be the best. With countless options to choose from, Optecha can help select the best solution by leveraging optics, predictive design, intelligent wireless controls with metering and failure detection to reduce energy and maintenance while ensuring a safe environment for drivers and pedestrians.

  • lighting to meet the roadway classification
  • reduce glare and improve safety
  • new construction and retrofit
  • extend the life of your lighting system reducing maintenance and energy by 40-70%
  • leverage proven lighting and controls technology
  • technical coordination from concept and design through construction and post installation
  • comply with LEED, Ashrae and local energy codes
  • Optecha can manage design, procurement, installation and post-installation warranty management of the lighting system
  • integrate with other disciplines such as architects, lighting designers, electrical consultants, etc.
  • wireless control technology allows for individual control and error feedback to maintenance
  • everyone can feel assured that lighting is correct, functional, safe and worry-free

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Delivered Results

SafetyImprove Safety

increase productivityIncrease Productivity

enhance colorsEnhance Colors

EnvironmentReduce Environmental Impact

Reduce Capital & Operating Costs

Reduce Energy