Sports lighting demands the best in performance. Whether the class of play is professional or recreational, horizontal and vertical lighting with perfect uniformity are critical for any athlete. Spectators rely on good lighting to watch live, record and replay or simply to appreciate the play in action. Glare, uniformity, light levels, light trespass and skyglow all need to be considered when designing a lighting system for sports.

  • new construction and retrofit
  • lighting to meet the class of play
  • spectator or TV slow motion quality lighting
  • accessibility for maintenance
  • lighting controls offer flexibility for practice, multi-function or competitive play
  • extend the life of your lighting system reducing maintenance and energy by 40-70%
  • leverage proven lighting and controls technology
  • technical coordination from concept and design through construction and post installation
  • comply with LEED, Ashrae and local energy codes
  • Optecha can manage design, procurement, installation and post-installation warranty management of the lighting system
  • integrate with other disciplines such as architects, lighting designers, electrical consultants, etc.
  • owners and athletes can focus on their tasks and feel assured that lighting is correct, functional, safe and worry-free

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Delivered Results

increase productivityIncrease Productivity

SafetyImprove Safety

enhance colorsEnhance Colors

Reduce Capital & Operating Costs

Reduce Energy

EnvironmentReduce Environmental Impact