About Us

Lighting design utilizing lamps invented in the mid 1900’s are a thing of the past. LED technology has completely changed the lighting industry, triggering major shifts within the design, engineering  and construction community.  Lighting and control systems are now experiencing the same digital revolution found in common electronics such as computers, smart phones and televisions.  Rapid product introductions, fluctuating lifespan and obsolescence are outpacing the industry’s ability to grasp and understand LED performance and mortality. Countless new manufacturers with radical claims have increased failure rates resulting in the need to qualify manufacturers and associated products.  The addition of energy saving legislation and stringent municipal bylaws ushers in the requirement for lighting controls and high performance cut-off optics creating a new set of design challenges.  This new market dynamic has created the need for a lighting solutions provider that encompasses all disciplines.

Optecha (op-tek-a) is a devoted lighting solution-centric firm that specializes in LED lighting, controls, design-assist, installation and complete post-installation management of lighting. The bedrock of Optecha’s philosophy is to engage during the early stages of planning to ensure we deliver the best lighting system that benefits the owners, operators, customers, neighbouring properties and the surrounding environment and wildlife.  Optecha has provided solutions for projects totalling over 30 billion dollars and delivered millions in capital and operating savings.