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Optimized lighting application design determines your win or loss for any opportunity. Too many luminaires or adversely too few can result in failing to meet budgets and specification, eliminating your potential to grow sales. Mastering the 3D world, lighting design programs and photometry are key to winning business. Being able to do this at a fraction of the time compared with others will prove to be your lowest cost.

  • Devoted lighting professionals with decades of lighting experience
  • Advanced knowledge of 3D modeling, lighting design programs and photometry
  • task tune lighting using the most efficient optics, lowest energy and fewest luminaires
  • integrate with other disciplines such as architects, lighting designers, electrical consultants
  • practical designs that makes sense
  • Optecha can balance throughput, increase speed to market, reduce headcount, overhead and help you meet critical deadlines

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Delivered Results

reduce capital costReduce Capital & Operating Costs

reduce energyReduce Energy

enhance colorsEnhance Colors

EnvironmentReduce Environmental Impact

SafetyImprove Safety

increase productivityIncrease Productivity