Safety & Productivity


Safety is paramount while our productivity must remain at optimum levels to compete globally. Most slips, trips and falls are related to housekeeping and poor visual conditions that are rooted to poor quality lighting. It is proven good corporate culture with safety in mind recognizes that good lighting and color creates a workplace environment with the best safety records, lowest lost time hours with the highest productivity levels.

  • LUX-SMITH designs meet light level and uniformity requirements based on industry recommendations and safety standards
  • glare is minimized using superior cut-off optics
  • luminaires selected are designed for minimal maintenance to avoid high risk aerial tasks
  • consideration for safe future access for maintenance
  • color temperature and CRI are designed to improve alertness and safety

Delivered Results

SafetyImprove Safety

EnvironmentReduce Environmental Impact

increase productivityIncrease Productivity

enhance colorsEnhance Colors

reduce capital costReduce Capital & Operating Costs

reduce energyReduce Energy