Retail is a competitive market where customer draw, brand loyalty and retention are crucial for continued success. Every element of retail is completely dependent on lighting starting with the finishes, furniture, store fixtures, to the merchandise displayed. Lighting can keep your customers motivated to shop, stay in your stores longer and maximize the point-of-purchase opportunities by displaying impactful and vibrant true color merchandise.

  • the color you see is what you get…really, even after you leave the store
  • match color temperatures with surrounding decor and merchandise
  • create the right amount of contrast to draw eyes on the merchandise
  • exterior lighting that is contained to the property line and never directly entering the skies
  • lighting can exceed over 50% of your energy cost. Solutions to reduce energy and maintenance cost will improve ROI
  • technical coordination from concept and design through construction and post installation
  • new construction and retrofit
  • comply with LEED, Ashrae and local energy codes
  • Optecha can manage design, procurement, installation and post- installation warranty management of the lighting system
  • integrate with other disciplines such as architects, lighting designers, electrical consultants, etc.
  • multi-location program delivers consistency in performance and cost
  • clients can focus on their business and feel assured that lighting is correct, functional, safe and worry-free

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Delivered Results

enhance colorsEnhance Colors

Reduce Capital & Operating Costs

Reduce Energy

EnvironmentReduce Environmental Impact

SafetyImprove Safety

increase productivityIncrease Productivity